9-28-15. Back at the track!

Finally back at Brainerd for a shakedown with the new setup!  Since it’s been so long, I had to get used to the track again, but it didn’t take too long before it all came back. This track event was just a test and tune shakedown for us to test the new setup. They had the day split into two; first half before lunch was the shorter 2.5 mile competition track and after lunch was the longer 3.1 mile track with the long straight reaching top speed. Overall, the new tires were much better with plenty of grip, the new BBK was wonderful where I didn’t have to worry about not having enough braking, and the cage helped the car become more stable and not so loose along with the other new suspension parts. With the data that we collected, we’ll be going back to the drawing board to plan our next setup in order to perform better next time.

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