7-24-14. Footwork in Progress

This big package arrived back on April 4, 14.  I just haven’t unveiled yet, but soon enough I will once I get all my parts in so I can wrench on the car.

317 copy

Some more parts that came in last week.  They’ll be sitting next to the other parts from a while ago until it’s wrenching time, which is hopefully soon!

319 copy 320 copy 321 copy

7-1-14. Running 11.4 Secs

On June 21, 2014, our drag Civic Si attended the MAPerformance Proving Grounds 2014.1 event at Brainerd International Raceway.  We were able to run a best time of 11.4 secs, which is still running on a stock B16A2 engine with minor head work.  The next MAPerformance Proving Grounds 2014.2 is in September, hopefully we can get a better run then.  Thanks to PCTuned for the great tuning to make us run as good as we did.