4-1-15. PCI & Password:JDM

Installed the PCI Trailing Arm Spherical Bushings V.1 before installing the trailing arm on the car so it would of been easier.  Removal of the oem bushings were very easy, just hammered them out w a 4lb hammer.  Installing the PCI’s were even faster and easier since there’s no need for a press or hammer; simple bolt-in method only.

The Password:JDM Ultimate Rear Spherical Bearing Toe Links were also simple to install. The links are overall good, easy to adjust, and the materials seem worthy.  Now I’ll just need an alignment next.

372 copy 373 copy374 copy

3-31-15. StopTech vs OEM

Here are some comparisons between the StopTech BBK vs OEM setup. Bigger brakes, rear disc, and 5-lug conversion should now be a better setup for my braking needs. 371 copy 370 copy362 copy364 copy365 copy366 copy368 copy369 copy

3-30-15. Dry Ice’d Front

Finished removing the rest of the sound deadening up front last week.  Next is to clean up the mess and then repaint the interior along with installing some new parts that came in.

375 copy 376 copy 377 copy

3-28-15. StopTech/Enkei/Nitto

Finally finished the CTR 5-lug conversion and installation of the StopTech BBK last weekend.  I just haven’t had time to post the pictures of the conversion, but here is a picture of how it sits as of now.  Silver everything…not too flashy but it will work.

IMAG0358 copy

3-19-15. Jacked Up

The car is on jack stands so the Civic Type R 5 lug conversion and StopTech BBK can be installed.  Rear trailing arms are off, the fronts are next to come down, and then installing the new setup.  Going to be a much better setup from now on…can’t wait!

356 copy 357 copy 358 copy 359 copy 367 copy

3-18-15. Dry Ice

I finally pulled the trigger on cleaning up the sound deadening in the interior of the car.  I picked up some dry ice and started to work on it.  It was one of the most simplest and fastest jobs I’ve done to the car, should of done this a lot sooner!  The dry ice did all the work, I just had to wait and hammer the sound deadening to make it come off in frozen pieces.  The trunk and passenger seating area are both finished, so next is to continue onto the front of the car.  Once it is all done, I’ll be cleaning it up and prepping it for some nice and glossy paint.  Slowly making progress…more to come!

Before dry ice:pInt_0196 copy pInt_0199 copy

Dry ice time:pInt_0202 copy pInt_0203 copy

All finished and dry:pSC01458 copy pSC01472 copy

3-12-15. Vibrant SS Race Muffler

I finally ordered the Vibrant Stainless Steel 3″ x 9″ long Race Muffler. This setup has been prolonged too long since I was prolonging the rear half-cut bumper.  I love the Vibrant Street Muffler because it looks stock and has a nice deep rumble tone, but I wanted to change it out for the SS Race Muffler since it’ll be an overall better performance muffler along with looking much better under the cut bumper.  Hopefully it’ll be worthy when done!

345 copy 346 copy 348 copy 349 copy