5-19-15. Progress

Been slowly working on the car and removing more unnecessary plastic, metal, and wires along with mocking up the roll cage.  Did some re-routing of wires to make it much cleaner and also took out the sunroof.  Also bought some extra metal tubing to add to the roll cage.

394 copy 395 copy 396 copy 397 copy 398 copy 399 copy 400 copy

4-12-15. EM1 & ITR parts

Swapped out the OEM EJ8 Proportional Valve for the OEM EM1 hence converting over to rear disc brakes.  Also had to swap out the 7/8″ OEM EJ8 Brake Booster and Master Cylinder for the 1″ JDM Integra Type R in order to match the new setup.  Must go big!

385 copy

New OEM EM1 40/40 Prop Valve on the left  vs old OEM EJ8 Prop Valve on the right.386 copy 387 copy

JDM ITR 1″ on the left vs USDM EJ8 7/8″ on the right.388 copy 389 copy

4-11-15. Axleback

Switching out my mild steel axleback for the new stainless steel axleback.  Going to mock up, cut up, and then weld my Vibrant Stainless Steel Race Muffler onto the Vibrant Stainless Steel U-J Tubing and Vibrant 3-Bolt Stainless Steel Flange.  And then finish it off with welding the Vibrant Stainless Steel Hanger onto the axleback.  All new Vibrant Stainless Steel axleback in the works!

383 copy 384 copy