6-25-15. Shiny Edges

Slow progress on the interior of the car, but I finally finished removing the oem sealer throughout the bottom of the chassis. Only a little bit is left on the bottom of the trunk, so once that is complete then I’ll be sanding the entire floor to remove any residue and paint to be ready for the new paint job.  It’s just a very time consuming job, only minor things left to deal with and then welding the cage in and repainting the interior.

Int_0329 copy Int_0336 copy Int_0342 copy

6-24-15. White to Black

Already finished painting the Civic Type R rear impact bar matte black last month or so but haven’t posted the results, so here it is.  Sanded it down, removed the rust, used rust treatment on the rust areas, and then repainted it matte black to match the rear of the car. Just have to finish it by spraying the Eastwood Matte Clear on it along with the lower rear of the car to protect them once I finish more of the interior work.  More to come…

Ext_1645 copy Ext_1646 copy DSC02644 copyDSC02648 copy

5-19-15. Progress

Been slowly working on the car and removing more unnecessary plastic, metal, and wires along with mocking up the roll cage.  Did some re-routing of wires to make it much cleaner and also took out the sunroof.  Also bought some extra metal tubing to add to the roll cage.

394 copy 395 copy 396 copy 397 copy 398 copy 399 copy 400 copy