9-2-14. August 2014 Cars & Coffee

We attended last month’s Cars & Coffee event and saw some really eye candy and worthy cars that made our jaws drop.  Especially the Bugatti and Aventador…

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8-22-14. EK9 Civic Type R

Here it is, I finally decided that it was time to pull the trigger and purchase the ’96-’00 JDM EK9 Civic Type R 5 lug conversion.  It was time to upgrade to bigger and wider wheels, so the ideal choice was to buy the direct EK9 5 lug conversion so I would be able to keep my 32mm DriveShaft Shop Axles, and also have a more broader range of wheels and wheel sizes compared to the original 4×100 4 lug pattern.  And of course those eyesore rusty rotors and old pads will be replaced with new ones before I drive the car around.  :)

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