2-27-15. Bolts

Ordered some new OEM Honda bolts for the rear trailing arms so the Civic Type R 5 Lug conversion can go on.  Been busy with life lately so the car has been on hold, but the car will be wrenched on soon enough.  It’s been a very very slow build these past few years. This year the car will come back to life and there will be seat time at the tracks again!

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The Chronicles Osaka 2015 Coverage…Part 3: MECHA-DOCK and CAR MAKE ACROSS…

RunIT Garage:

Sticky doing his amazing work as always bringing the best and most exclusive content to the world.  Check out the article and the rest of his wonderful work.

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This is probably the post that many of you have been waiting for…

Today, I bring you guys a never-before-seen look into two shops that have been an integral part of the storied Osaka Honda community. In my journeys, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting folks. I could probably some day write a book on my experiences and many wouldn’t even believe it. I have been very fortunate. Some call it luck, some are the type to believe that “everything happens for a reason”. No matter how you look at it, I have been thrust into a very interesting position which allows me to bring you guys a very unique perspective that many will never see, hear, or read about. I take the time to tell you these stories because I believe they are important to the “overall scheme of things”. There are a lot of…

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2-10-15. Snap-on Keys

Here are my two self-custom made Snap-on keys.  The red one was made back in 2005 and the orange one was made in 2008 for the “Stage 2 Key” when I went turbo.  I might make a green one next since I don’t have that color yet.  :) IMG_20150119_093317

12-31-14. JDM CTR Rear Support Re-Bar

Ordered this JDM CTR Rear Bumper Support Re-Bar to replace my oem EJ8 one since I cut my rear bumper. It only weighs 2.8lbs compared to the oem EJ8 one which is 12.65lbs. I’ll be cleaning it up, sanding it down, and painting it flatte black to match the rear.

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12-29-14. Hot Wheels Mini-Me

Here’s a self-custom Hot Wheels Mini-Me of the RunIT Garage EJ8 from a few years ago. It’s not the best custom job out there, but it’s decent for amateur work.  It spends it’s life inside the little plastic garage away from the dust hanging on the wall along with the other custom and factory Hot Wheels.  It’s all about the car love…tiny toys to big toys!

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