1-26-14. Super Street

RIG is in this month’s Super Street March 2014 magazine in the Readers’ Rides section.   I would have missed it if it wasn’t for a friend who had seen it and notified me.  It’s not an actual “feature”, but it’s still pretty neat seeing my car on print.  Not sure if they made a typo on my wheels or wanted to say that I had more than one set, but they typed Enkei RPF1 (my black ones).  It should say Sprint Hart CP-R’s, but it’s all good no harm.   :)

IMAG1681 copy

12-27-13. New Lip

Been quite busy lately, but I bought myself a new polyurethane front lip back in November.  I need one that is even/flat on the bottom of the lip so I can use it with my custom splitter instead of my current JDM SiR one.  It will be paint-matched silver for 2014…can’t wait!

My white Sprint Harts = Officially Retired!  They will just be sitting around and looking pretty in the house from now on, new wheels to come…Hopefully if all goes well. :)

xt_1466 copy

10-19-13. MAPerformance Dyno Day

Some of the RIG guys and I attended the MAPerformance Dyno Day.  Each vehicle were strapped down and allowed three pulls each to see how much whp/tq they could put down.  It rained all day, but it was still a great time being around the cars and guys.  I didn’t strap mine down, but the rest of the guys did and they made pretty good power.

DSCN8185 copy DSCN8204 copy DSCN8206 copy DSCN8210 copy DSCN8213 copy DSCN8214 copy DSCN8215 copy DSCN8224 copy DSCN8226 copy DSCN8254 copy DSCN8256 copy DSCN8263 copy DSCN8264 copy DSCN8271 copy DSCN8272 copy DSCN8277 copy DSCN8283 copy