4-18-15. Sparco 6pt HANS

Received my Sparco 6pt HANS Harness to match my Sparco Circuit seat; black on black!  FIA approved harness which will last until 2020; will have to put it to use soon!

Int_0295 copy Int_0297 copy Int_0299 copy

4-12-15. EM1 & ITR parts

Swapped out the OEM EJ8 Proportional Valve for the OEM EM1 hence converting over to rear disc brakes.  Also had to swap out the 7/8″ OEM EJ8 Brake Booster and Master Cylinder for the 1″ JDM Integra Type R in order to match the new setup.  Must go big!

385 copy

New OEM EM1 40/40 Prop Valve on the left  vs old OEM EJ8 Prop Valve on the right.386 copy 387 copy

JDM ITR 1″ on the left vs USDM EJ8 7/8″ on the right.388 copy 389 copy

4-11-15. Axleback

Switching out my mild steel axleback for the new stainless steel axleback.  Going to mock up, cut up, and then weld my Vibrant Stainless Steel Race Muffler onto the Vibrant Stainless Steel U-J Tubing and Vibrant 3-Bolt Stainless Steel Flange.  And then finish it off with welding the Vibrant Stainless Steel Hanger onto the axleback.  All new Vibrant Stainless Steel axleback in the works!

383 copy 384 copy

4-6-15. Autopower 6-pt Roll Cage

Bought the Autopower 6-pt Bolt-in Roll Cage which arrived about two weeks ago. Finally mocked it up to see how it will looks, so far so good and the steel itself is pretty thick. Once I get the interior and welder ready, it’ll be time to stall and weld the cage in the car.

381 copy 382 copy

4-5-15. New Front Lip

Got a new front lip for the Civic, it will do for now to replace my JDM OEM Civic Si-R lip which will retire and go into my JDM car parts collection.

380 copy

4-2-15. New Seat

Finally ordered my Sparco Circuit bucket seat.  I wanted the head bolsters to protect my head so I opted for this over the Sparco Evo; which didn’t cost that much more so I chose this.  The seat weighs 7,8 kgs/15.4 lbs, not too heavy to carry and is much lighter than the oem seats.  Overall, I’d say it is a great seat with the nice fire retardant fabric which feels great and is HANS compatible.  I especially like the snug feeling which will keep me still when I’m out on the circuit enjoying the drive.

Also purchased the Buddy Club Super Low Down seat rail to go with the Circuit seat. Wanted to have a low sitting position so I went with this rail over the Sparco one since it sits higher.  In the end, both of these combined is still lighter than the oem seat and it will keep be snug while driving.  Maybe the carbon fiber version next time? :)

378 copy 379 copy

4-1-15. PCI & Password:JDM

Installed the PCI Trailing Arm Spherical Bushings V.1 before installing the trailing arm on the car so it would of been easier.  Removal of the oem bushings were very easy, just hammered them out w a 4lb hammer.  Installing the PCI’s were even faster and easier since there’s no need for a press or hammer; simple bolt-in method only.

The Password:JDM Ultimate Rear Spherical Bearing Toe Links were also simple to install. The links are overall good, easy to adjust, and the materials seem pretty worthy.  Now I’ll just need an alignment next so the car will ride smoothly.

372 copy 373 copy374 copy