8-30-15. Engine Swap

The RunIT Garage Drag Civic Si is getting a new heart transplant at FASTLife Performance. The stock B16A2 block and head are now gone and a whole new setup is going to replace it for a better, stronger, and faster new chapter of it’s life. The new engine with brand new parts will have more power to RunIT down the strip this time.  We’ve pushed the stock B16A2 to where it could no longer go; it’s time for Stage Two!

dx_072052 copy

8-14-15. NDF Carbon Sunroof Plug

The Narita Dog Fight Carbon Fiber EK Sunroof Plug arrived about a month ago.  Since I removed everything from inside the Civic, I needed a new sunroof plug to replace the OEM glass runroof.  NDF had this available so I placed an order and within a few days later it arrived.  I will have to do some drilling, cutting, and sealing to make this stay put and not allow any water to leak down from the roof of the car.

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8-14-15. Facelift

Recently painted the new lip for the Civic.  Had the paint color-matched to the OEM paint code so it will match the car, which turned out pretty good.  Next up on the long to-do-list is to finish the already made splitter so it will complete the entire front setup for this year. More to come…

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